Monday, September 16, 2013

Watch online Prince & Me 2004 Full Movie

At a Wisconsin university, local farmer's daughter Paige Morgan is intrigued by odd Danish exchange student Edvard 'Eddie', who is ignorant of many aspects of daily life, such as all domestic chores (no wonder, he's the incognito heir to the royal throne of Denmark, his roommate Soren a court minder) but well versed in other matters, such as Shakespeare. They become friends; invited -enouraged by her best friend- to the Moran family farm he makes a good impression on her parents and brothers and triumphs in the rustic lawnmower race. Only after some paparazzi track Edvard down to film them kissing and he has returned home because the king is gravely ill, Paige realizes he may be her true love, and flies to Copenhagen. Initially the court, especially queen Rosalind, opposes a commoner bride, but Edvard sticks to his guns before accepting to succeed his abdicating father, and Paige's public performance soon improves enough to win the royal family's blessing. Only once she realizes a queen's life means giving up her medical career and leaving the US forever, she seriously reconsiders..

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