Sunday, July 28, 2013

Watch online Speed 2007 (Eng Sub) Hindi Full Movie

Of-Indian origin, Siddnath Verma, his wife Rikshay and school-going son, Bobby takes up resident in London, U.K. Siddnath works in a restaurant as a chef, but unknown to anyone he is an undercover MI-5 agent and Rikshay is employed as a teacher at St. Josephs school, the future looks bright for the family. But a notorious criminal gang leading with Somil Khan, an ex-Indian Intelligence and his lady-love, Monika has been aware of Siddnath’s secret, kidnaps his wife, Rikshay, holds her hostage in an old stable and demands a ransom of 1.5 million dollars, of which Siddnath must deliver to them and he dears not act smart as video-camera is set in the entire city for them to spy on him. Rikshay also trys to contact the police but her phone gets cross-connection with Sandy, who has come to London to convince his girlfriend, Sanjana to marry him. Rikshay begs him to help her, at first he refuses but finally agrees to help her. He attempts to report this matter to the police but is misunderstood and is thrown out of the police station. After some confusions Siddnath finally delivers the money to the gang but they refuses to release his wife and has now abducted his son, Bobby. To make matters worse they wanted to kill the Indian Prime Minister, Gatryi Devi, through Rohan, one of there men impersonating Gatryi Devi’s body guard and to involve Siddnath in this assassination as well as put an end to all loved one in his life.

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