Monday, July 8, 2013

RAAZ 3 (Eng sub) 2012 Hindi Full Movie

Cast: Emran Hashmi, Esha Gupta, Bipasha Basu
The story revolves around Shanaya (Bipasha Basu), an actress at the height of her success. She gets offered the best roles and wins all the awards she is nominated for. In addition, she also has a passionate affair with a handsome director named Aditya (Emraan Hashmi). This all ends when a younger actress, Sanjana (Esha Gupta) makes her film debut. In place of Shanaya, Sanjana comes into spotlight and begins to snatch away her awards. Suddenly, Shanaya seems forgotten and everybody only wants to work with Sanjana. Soon enough, Shanaya sees her career fading away and her envy slowly becomes craziness. She begins to turn to black magic and makes it her goal in life to destroy Sanjana’s career and make her feel the pain of loss. She seeks help of her uncle Agoo Dada (Zeeshan Khalid), a tantrik who helps her to practice black magic and calls upon an evil entity, Taradutt. She asks him to make Sanjana’s life a living hell. Taradutt agrees to help haunt and torture Sanjana until she becomes suicidal. He asks Shanaya to give her a black poison through a person she trusts. Shanaya seduces Aditya to do it for her and whenever he feels guilty, she makes him accept again. Aditya, whose sympathy for Sanjana has turned into love, leaves Shanaya and refuses to listen her anymore. Shanaya blackmails Aditya by showing an evidence, a video that proves it was he who gave Sanjana the poison. Aditya, upset what would happen if Sanjana knows it, is forced to work for Shanaya again. Shanaya acts friendly with Sanjana and removes any hope of doubt. She faces further tortures, her career is in a downfall and has to take medical care while Shanaya revives herself in the industry. Shanaya now asks Tara Dutt to finish her life and he agrees to do it on the condition that if he is hurt by any means, Shanaya would be facing the same. Aditya, unable to see Sanjana like this goes to the priest whom he and Sanjana had earlier met to bring her soul back from the evil world. He resolves to try the same once again. A ritual takes place inside the hospital mortuary with the consent of Sanjana’s doctor (Mohan Kapoor). Aditya fights the evil ghost in his world and finally kills him using aa axe he finds with an idol of Lord Ganesha and returns with Sanjana’s soul. Shanaya who is now physically and mentally hurt while trying to stop Aditya loses all hope and doesn’t want anyone to see her in that vulnerable form. She pours an acid on herself and commits suicide. The media and police report that Sanjana had a nervous breakdown and was never a publicity stunt. While Sanjana and Aditya start their life together, the film gives a message that is, “Some people forget everything and run behind mere fame that gets destroyed by time. They do not know that the only thing that remains is the love that we have not just for ourselves, but also for our co-beings. That when we strive, not for ourselves, but for others, that Raaz (secret) is referred to as Life.”

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