Saturday, June 29, 2013

MERE YAAR KI SHAADI HAI 2002 (Eng Sub) Hindi Full Movie

Cast: Udya Chopra, Jimmy Shergill, Tulip Joshi

Sanjay Malhotra is living in Mumbai with his friend Ria. He receives a phone call from his childhood friend Anjali Sharma who shocks him with the news that she is getting married. Unfortunately Sanjay has loved Anjali for years. Jealous and frustrated Sanjay makes his way to Anjali with one intention – to stop this marriage. Sanjay goes to Anjali’s home and soon meets her husband to be, Rohit Khanna. Sanjay then begins to scheme. He organizes a bachelor party for Rohit and all the other males in the family. Rohit ends up completely drunk as do all the other males in the family. However Rohit has picked up on the fact that Sanjay is out to stop his marriage, he vows to make sure that Sanjay fails in this. Sanjay out of desperation gets Ria to come and pose as his girlfriend. This makes Anjali jealous but eventually Ria leaves giving a hint that Sanjay loves Anjali. Giving up, Sanjay leaves for Mumbai as he can not stop the wedding. Meanwhile back at home, Anjali says to Rohit that a relationship must be made on truth so she confesses that she has always loved Sanjay. Rohit stops Sanjay from leaving. Eventually he and Anjali marry.

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